Bishop Horace E. Hockett

Bishop Horace Hockett believes in preaching the Word and making it plain. That is what the Lord told him to do when He called Bishop Hockett to establish Born Again Church in Nashville, Tennessee in 1978. Since that time, Bishop Hockett has been diligently pursuing the vision God gave him to establish a full-service ministry. The mission is to reach out to everyone with service born of love and compassion and focus that points all people to Christ. Bishop Hockett and his wife, Kiwanis, who serves as Associate Pastor, started Born Again Church with just eight members. Today, the church has grown into a vibrant, diverse congregation with outreach ministries to local prisons, hospitals and neighborhoods. Born Again Church offers cutting edge children and youth ministries, men and women fellowships, a premiere Christian school (preschool through fourth grade), counseling center and many other programs.

Realizing the powerful influence of television and theater, Bishop Hockett, who is a talented playwright and set designer, founded the Living Parables Ministry. The ministry is the drama outreach of the church which serves as a major evangelistic vehicle. Bishop Hockett has a special love for drama and taught on the university level for 18 years. He received his B.S and M.S degrees from Tennessee State University and served as a member of the faculty at TSU for the College of Communications. He notes that, “Presenting the truth of the gospel in the form a play is a relevant but non-threatening means of reaching those who might not know Christ.”

Commitment to God and passion for souls is what energizes Bishop Hockett. He has garnered an outstanding reputation as a man of great compassion and wisdom, and is increasingly sought out by other ministers and pastors as a mentor and counselor. He serves as overseer of the Kingdom Builders Network, an affiliation of 16 churches in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina and is committed to working together to build God’s kingdom in the earth.

An anointed preacher of the gospel, Bishop Hockett is widely known as a gifted teacher whose messages are delivered with great power and insight, often accompanied with inspired visual or dramatic illustrations. Indeed, this method of making the Word plain has become his trademark.

For all this, Bishop Hockett is essentially recognized by those who know him as a most humble man. He has proclaimed that the Lord has set humility, excellence and holiness as the watchwords and basic characteristics of his ministry and Born Again Church. In addition to serving as pastor, Bishop Hockett is a devoted husband and father. He and his wife have two sons, Horace II (Latonya) and Brian (Rachel) and two grandchildren. For Bishop Hockett, family is one of the most important and significant aspects of life. Through the ministries and programs at Born Again, he is committed to building strong families, believing that strong families make strong churches, strong churches make strong cities, and strong cities make a strong nation. Add to these traits an abiding love for the Word of God, a keen sense of humor, a healthy dose of mercy, and a magnanimous heart, and you have the essence of Bishop Horace E. Hockett. Humility and holiness he refuses to compromise, and that is the secret of his success with God and man.